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Why Hops Crossing?

The idea began during a game of cornhole on a sunny Sunday afternoon, during a brewery festival in Calgary. While tossing a bean bag across a parking lot, with a pint in one hand debating where the next stop was, it was realized that Edmonton needed something like this. We had the breweries. We had the brewing district that was rapidly forming in the light industrial area south east of downtown. So why shouldn’t something be done to bring them all together and encourage people to not visit just one, but all of them? 

Calgary calls their collection of breweries the Barley Belt. Vancouver has affectionately named their brewing district Yeast Van. And now Edmonton has Hops Crossing. The name pays homage to one of the fundamental ingredients in the brewing process and the collection of rail road crossings that torment drivers all throughout south east Edmonton. Hops Crossing is a place and an idea, but ultimately the goal is to bring people together to drink great, local beer. 

Cheers, and welcome to Hops Crossing. 

  1. What happens when I get 1 stamp from each brewery?


Take your passport into any of the 7 breweries to get your exclusive Hops Crossing branded growler. Fill not included!


 2.  What happens when I get 2 stamps from each brewery?

Hand in your passport at any of the 7 breweries and you get an exclusive Hops Crossing branded t-shirt at the end of 2019. You will get your passport back as a keep sake when you pick up your shirt. Must be able to pick up in Edmonton.


 3.  What if I lost my passport? Do I start over?

YES! So make sure you don’t lose it.


 4.  Can I get 2 stamps per visit?

NO! One stamp per visit please.


 5.  How can I share my Hops Crossing adventures online?

Check out our Instagram page @hopscrossingyeg and tag us! We want to join you and share your brewery hop. #exploreyegbeer


 6.  What happens when my passport expires December 31, 2019? 

Pick up a 2020 passport spring of next year for more fun!

 7.  Can I combine multiple passports in replace of one full passport?

NO! One passport needs to have all the stamps.